Midpoint Summer Coctails Menu

Who wouldn't like delicious refreshing cocktails on hot summer days & nights? Here a very provoking menu, from Istanbul. Some of the cocktails you can pour through your thirsty throat are; Gordon's Gimlet, Long Island Ice Tea, Smirnoff Apple Bite and a classic, Baileys over Ice Cream, of course.
image by Gülçin, 2014, Turkey

The Crepe Escape Coffee & Crepe Menu - Istanbul

It also called "Crepe Wonderland of İstanbul". The Crepe Escape become one of the most popular tea & coffee cafes in Istanbul. They serve cold and hot drinks as well as breakfast, pancakes, soups, all kind of Crepes;  from with hazelnut cream and strawberries to lime, white chocolate, merengue crepes..
Image sent by Gülçin.  2014, Turkey

Saray Muhalebicisi Breakfast Menu

This is the Breakfast Menu of Saray Muhallebicisi. Typical simple Turkish style food. Fried Eggs with cheese (in traditional Turkish style pans) , Cheese Platter (5 kind of cheeses from different parts of the country) , Turkish style omelettes, pastries and more.. Saray Muhalebicisi, Eminonu, Istanbul
Thanks to Gülçin for photos, Turkey, 2014

Saray Muhallebicisi - Eminönü Istanbul - Turkish Foo Menu

A menu that takes you to the Simple Turkish food with lots of different traditional and modern choices of breakfasts, main meals, lemonades, desserts, cakes an more.. since 1935. Istanbul.  Click to see what they have inside
Thanks to Gülçin for photos, Turkey, 2014

Çadır Cafe Akyazı - Cakes Coffee Cookies Tea

A simple menu for cakes and cookies. Fresh Bakery, chocolate cakes, fruit biscuits and more. Çadır Cafe, in Akyazı Adapazari, Turkey
Special Thanks to Pelin, hope she enjoyed the cakes. Turkey, 2014

Forto Dvaras Restaurant - Menu of Traditional Lithuanian Court Meal

Forto Dvaras on Pilies, Old Town, Vilnius. A beautiful painting on the cover of Menu, of Traditional Lithuanian Cuisine and Drinks.
Sent by Altay, from Lithuania, 2014

Katpėdėlė Restaurant - Lithuanian Food

Katpedele Restaurant, traditional and modern Lithuanian cuisine menu. Vilnius, Kaunas, Klaipeda, Lithuania.
Thanks to Altay, from Lithuania, 2014
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